Walking the Walk

Lessons learned this week from monitoring my daily number of steps walked:

  • Day 1: I found myself looking for opportunities to walk more, just because of the tracking.  If I needed to make a phone call, instead of making it from my desk phone, I actually looked up the number and walked outside to call from my iPhone.  And paced back and forth while talking.  Super, no? 🙂
  • Day 1: Felt mildly annoyed, when I walked somewhere but forgot to take my iPhone along.  Yes, I walked right back just to pick it up.  Need. credit.  No doubts about that.
  • Day 1: Realized that it is very tough to walk even 1,500 steps within 3 hours when you are in the office.  As my friend L so eloquently put it, I had to pace like a panther in a cage to even get to that measely 1,500.  Hmmmm…. should I start competing with entry level staff for field assignments so that I can have more time on my feet?
  • Day 2: Little A suggested that instead of walking so much, I could just sit in one place and shake my iPhone, since that also registered on Pacer as steps walked.  Sookshamopathy!! Got to watch that chick verrrrry closely in the future.
  • Day 3: Started getting smarter.  Instead of driving little A to her bus stop, I walked her there.  And while she biked around the block as we waited for the big yellow bus, I continued to walk.  Of course, it helped that we are not still battling sub-zero temperatures here.  Breezed past 2,000 steps before 8:30 am.  I am liking this. 🙂
  • Day 3: While Pacer has an ominous goal of 10,000 steps per day, it also has a nice little planning tool.  It lets you ramp up from the “couch to 10K” in one week, with a goal of 4,000 steps for Day 1, 5,000 steps for Day 2, and so on.  Smaller goals are much better than larger ones, no?  I mean, I would have likely given up at 3,000 on Day 1 knowing that there was no way I would get to 10,000.  But 4,000? Seemed within striking range (I did 4,525 steps on Day 1).  Looks like baby steps are the way to go.
  • Day 3: Was humbling to see that what I consider a fairly active day at work is classified by Pacer as “sedentary”.  Strongly underscores the need for more conscious physical activity every day.

I wrote my impressions in real time, as they happened.  Today is Day 4.  Feeling grrrr…. All that tracking is getting pretty old (already?!).  I mean, it is quite demoralizing that I did better on Day 2 than on Day 3.  Plus, today is &^*%ing cold again and verrrrry windy.  Not going to walk outside, for sure.  Feeling annoyed that Day 4 is certainly going to look worse than Day 3 and Day 2.  Hmmmm….

Maybe I will spend an hour today shaking that iPhone, after all. 😉


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