Gratitude Journal

Things that I am grateful for this week:

  • Sunday afternoon nap (delicious!)
  • Dinner meeting on monday that got canceled (those wishes almost NEVER come true!)
  • Fresh, warm laundry straight from the dryer (mmmm….)
  • Figuring out how to “auto-publish” on wordpress (so convenient, and seems to have resulted in blogomania with new posts almost daily)
  • More kozhambu and paruppu usili made by Amma (serious YUM!!)
  • Little A falling on me like a little puppy and bear-hugging me when she came back from school (and found that I had arrived early from work, and was splayed on the family room floor doing my exercise routines from PT)
  • Both the girls eating their veggies without complaint at dinner (Yes, small time, I know.  But this one features pretttttty high on the happiness list of most Mamas, I am sure.)

Happy friday!


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