Broken Windows

I was reading an article by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project (yes, I find myself reading her stuff often these days) about “Broken Windows”.  The concept is simple.  In communities where small things that are out of order are tolerated – like broken windows and graffiti, for example – larger things can quite readily go wrong (like burglaries, etc.).  On a personal level, Gretchen (see, we are on first name terms already!) talks about broken windows as being signs of disorder that make you feel overwhelmed and out of control.  Most likely, without quite realizing it.

Got me thinking.  Some of my broken windows are:

  • Clutter on the dining room table (soooo tempting – all that space, that oh so flat surface)
  • Closet clutter (my biggest broken window)
  • Books everywhere
  • Dishes left sitting overnight in the sink (makes for a really bad start to the morning!)
  • No breakfast staples in the fridge (by thursday, the good stuff is mostly used up, and no one is really in the mood to go shopping to re-stock)

Looks like I have identified my next new project (can’t really call this a hobby, right?).  Decluttering.  Will start with the books, I think.  Although, will likely sit around in different rooms of the house, derailed from target and reading long forgotten books.

Mmmmm…. looking forward to it already. 🙂


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