Gratitude Journal

This has been a tough week for gratitude.  Work was craaaaazy busy and next week seems even more so, with no less than four dinner meetings and an all day meeting on saturday (yikes!).  Little A has been down with a stomach bug, fever and throat pain for the past couple of days.  Still.  A bunch of things that I am grateful for this week:

  • My new peppermint and eucalyptus bodywash from Trader Joe’s (mmmm…..)
  • Back pain that seems to be lightening up slooooowly after persisting for over two months (almost superstitious to write this here, for fear that back pain will read it and come roaring right back)
  • Possible snow day tomorrow (all neram, that I am starting to be grateful for snow!) – so that little A will have an additional day at home to get better

Hope next week presents more chances for gratitude than this one did.

Hmmmm…. maybe all those dinner meetings will miraculously get canceled? 😉


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