February Food Score

Of the 100 new recipes targeted for the year, I tried out 10 in January.  You would think that that record would be a tough one to beat.  Especially in a tiny month like February (on a non-leap year).

But (and that’s a BIG but).

You understimate my OCD tendencies.  And my suckerhood (is this a word?) for the satisfaction that comes from checking off boxes when things get done (super geek, no?). Plus, I got a fair boost (of free time) from unexpected snow days (pleeeeease, no more!).

So.  Here’s the food score for February:

  • Mushroom matar pulao
  • South Indian style chole (kicka$$ recipe for channa masala includes coconut, coriander seeds, and karuveppalai??  Wild!)
  • Rajasthani panchmel dal (this was super popular with the chickis. I made it multiple times in the same week!)
  • Sprouted moong bean chaat
  • Lauki channa dal
  • Lauki channa dal curry (see a pattern, here?)
  • Karamani sundal (cannot believe I have never tried making this before.  Yum!)
  • Javvarisi payasam (was really vile tasting.  Ugh!  Little A enquired if this was also known as “medicine payasam”.)
  • Navaratna dal
  • Cauliflower keema
  • Lobia dal (too many dals, you say?)
  • Murugan Idli Kadai style idlies (unbelievable!! I have officially arrived in idly land. Woohooo!!)

Wondered briefly whether to post recipes of (at least) my big successes.  But I am too lazy for that.  Plus, not sure that I want to turn my blog into a cookalog.  So.  If anything on my list grabs your fancy, let me know and I will set you up with a good recipe.

Now, who would’ve thunk that there is a bawarchi hidden inside this brahmanachi?


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