Gratitude Journal

My gratitude journal makes me happy.  More importantly, I find that it puts me on the look out for things to be grateful for, which is always nice.  Better to have a grateful spirit than be whiny and negative, no?  So.  Have decided to track my gratitude on a weekly basis (dho da!).

Things that I am grateful for this week:

  • My first iPhone (new work phone, that is) – white color, pink cover, and best of all, FREE!!
  • The little heater in the stairwell area at work, which hits me with warmth each time I walk to the ladies room
  • Weekend!
  • Friends that carpool with us to the kids’ activities (don’t know what to do with all the extra time these days!)
  • My bosses, who allow me a ton of flexibility with my work schedule (and make me feel super valued and special)
  • The forgotten perfect little one cup thermos that had been on my kitchen shelf all along (it’s going to work overtime now)
  • Rainbow looming with little A first thing on a bright saturday morning (although after 10 minutes, felt intense need for both cataract operation and back surgery to keep up with all the looming intricacies)
  • Making onion pakodas with little N for a potluck dinner on saturday (that girl is such a help around the kitchen!)
  • Locating two old forgotten iPods (too many forgotten things around the house – what’s going on, I say!).  And discovering that both work just fine (serious YAY!!)
  • Making vadai maalai for the Bridgewater Aanjaneyar early on a bright sunday morning (yes, good weather this weekend)
  • The sudden realization that by keeping some of my resolutions (try new recipes, learn new paatus), I am indirectly progressing big time on another important resolution – “choose happiness everyday” (Super no? Orrey kallula soooo many maangas!)

Stay thankful.  Stay happy. 🙂


One thought on “Gratitude Journal

  1. You know how in the middle of heavy-duty pms, reading a post like this makes one want to kill someone? 😉
    Kidding..I’ll get back to seeing the rainbow in a couple of days myself !
    Amen to your happiness. May it spread far and wide.

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