The Perfect Arch

To avoid looking like yeti on vacation, I visit the beauty salon once a month to have my eyebrows done.  “Done” involves desi hairdresser lady using threads and moving them around rapidly on my face (ouch!) to pluck errant eyebrows into shape.  All the while firmly holding the other end of the thread with her teeth (how do they do this!).  The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes, but it is not a picnic, let me assure you.  I usually try to remove my mind as far away as possible from plucking and pulling situation (like fantasizing about sitting on a beach under swaying palm trees) and it’s all done soon enough.

I settled down in my chair today, and saw that hindi songs from the 90s were playing on a TV in front of me.  Not that I could necessarily watch TV from my splayed position on the chair with eyes closed.  Still, I got ready to feast my ears.  When I realized that the TV was not the only thing that was singing.  My hairdresser was cheerily trying to sing along with the TV.  Small problem.  She was also threading at the same time, and her face was precariously close to mine.  In addition to bracing myself for all the plucking, I was also heavily praying that I shouldn’t get spit upon.  Longest 10 minutes of my day, let me tell you.

Hmmmm… on some days, it’s just waaaay too much trouble to be a chick!


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Arch

  1. Absolutely not worth it. God, I don’t know how you tolerate eyebrow plucking. I occasionally take the kid out for her hair cut to the Green Trends and in the process, if I am feeling particularly wanton, have a pedicure (I cringe at the idea of someone else touching my feet for their living..but the sitrinbam of her fingers massaging the heel is overpowering). The seat next to mine is the eyebrow plucking station, and just watching someone else pluck out their eyebrows makes my eyes water and toes curl up, and the masseuse has to pry them open.
    You are brave. Not only did you endure the plucking, but also her possible spray, and worse, breath so close to your face.

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