Being Me

It’s not easy to be me.” ~ Superman

I recently read an article by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project.  In this article titled “Paradoxes of Happiness”, Gretchen talks about how by “Being Gretchen”, by accepting her true likes and dislikes, she finds that so many things in the world are closed off to her.  Which makes her sad, because there is just no way she would do those things.  Ever.

Got me thinking.  What does “Being Me” mean to me?

It means that:

  • I will forever remain a foodie (whether on or off a diet).  My resolution of trying out a 100 new recipes in 2014 is flourishing famously (but that’s another post).
  • I will never sport a bikini (too conservative tambrahm – and now, getting old – to let go like that).
  • I am not a swimmer.  All those coral reefs and underwater wonderworlds have to remain unseen (sigh!).
  • I find traveling immensely exciting.  The farther from home, the better (not that home is that bad).
  • I am not a big TV watcher (not that there’s anything wrong with it).  I’d rather read.
  • I refuse to try non-vegetarian food or alcohol.  Yes, not even a bite or a drop (that conservative tambrahm thing again).
  • There is a certain laziness that holds me back from getting to important stuff sometimes.  I know that it’s there and I don’t like it.  But I am, well, too lazy to do anything about it.
  • I am not a party animal.  I would rather cuddle up at home or hang out with a few close friends than go clubbing late at night.
  • I am a worrier.  With all the zenning and mindfulness, this one still is a tough nut for me to crack.

Unlike Gretchen though, not sure that any of this particularly makes me sad.  Well.  Maybe the worrying part.  That one, I would LOVE to fix.  But otherwise, this is just who I am.

What does “Being You” mean to you?


2 thoughts on “Being Me

  1. There seem to be several people
    Locked up inside of me
    Fighting a constant battle
    For my identity
    Sometimes they keep me prisoner
    Sometimes they set me free
    Is one of them my true being?
    Is one of them really me?

    – Song from the musical The prodigal son that we staged in high school. Seems an ideal answer from me to your question.

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