Sincere Shivamani

Is one who

  • Stays late at work for group dinner meeting (hard to say no when meeting request is titled “Performance Expectations”);
  • Runs all the way to the icy parking lot after meeting, since little A is already an hour and a half late for bharatanatyam lesson;
  • Remembers with heart in mouth that dance lesson today is not at the usual location, but at a student’s home half an hour away (aaaaaarrrghhhh!);
  • Drives home clenching teeth with mild back pain (yes – that still sort of in the “back”ground);
  • Arrives at a firm decision that, all things considered, dance lesson is best skipped tonight;

And yet,

  • Reaches home, sees little A all dressed and ready, gets a phone call from fellow dance mom R and answers “yes, we are just on our way to class”.

Sigh, don’t believe they make pazhams like this anymore.

I used to be a stickler for not ever cutting class in school and college.  Clearly, nothing has changed in all these years.  Self is officially chicken to skip even one little class for the kid.  Even when exhausted and in personal discomfort.  Feeling strangely proud and ashamed at the same time.

Silver lining to whole situation: Hot masala chai brought to class for me in a cute little thermos by my awesome buddies, N and R.  Thank you much, my lovely ladies! 🙂


One thought on “Sincere Shivamani

  1. As they say, once a pazam, always a pazam.
    We had a grad school (IIT) reunion yesterday, and me being in campus hosted a bunch of my classmates. All of them pazams. I was amazed at how much the pazamness hasn’t changed in any of us.

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