Beautiful Things

These are everywhere, if you would just open your eyes and notice.  Not a place that I operate from usually.  But today was an off day, it seems.  So.  Things that made me smile today:

  • Three old men sitting around laughing and chatting at the local Dunkin’ Donuts at 8:30 am, delightfully oblivious and indifferent to the snarling rush hour traffic.
  • Medium coffee (with extra sugar) from DD that kept me warm and happy during the long drive into Philly this morning.
  • Little sparrows sitting on leafless trees looking frozen but chirping away loudly and defiantly.
  • Little A’s missing hat, that Amma managed to find at just that last minute before the bus arrived at our stop (thank you, Amma!).
  • Kandhar Sashti Kavasam that suddenly played when I switched to a random CD on the car player this morning.
  • Traffic jam enroute to Philly (yes, there can be good even in traffic jam), which gave me enough time to practice all my newly-learnt paatus.  Twice.
  • Pulling into Philly in style (albeit one hour late for conference), sliding into parking garage and saying to myself, “I own this place” (yes, I actually say things like this to myself).  Super contrast to yesterday (Day 1 of Philly conference), when after circling the conference venue for 20 minutes and not finding any parking, I was feeling wretched and was ready to turn back and return to the office (luckily, images in mind of boss and staff laughing in my face kept me from actually implementing this).

What made you smile today?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Things

  1. 1. Waking up late and yet cooking up a fantastic meal (aviyal etc.).
    2. Stumbling into a kick-ass paper that strengthens my next document like a diamond pillar.
    3. Switching on the car radio and hearing a classic Ilayaraja (“Valai osai”)
    So far, so good.

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