Only in New Jersey

A couple of weeks back, little N’s homeroom teacher, Mrs. D, announced the name of a new student who was to join the class the next day.  Imagine (Caucasian) Mrs. D’s surprise when her (pretty non-controversial) announcement was, apparently, greeted by loud guffaws and cheers.  Exclusively by the desi population in the class.  Which in our esteemed school district, I would (conservatively) estimate at 90%.

Name of new student:  Aamir Khan.


4 thoughts on “Only in New Jersey

  1. Interesting.. On a related note, my kid wouldn’t know who Aamir Khaan is. The only “actors” she knows are Rajini (because he happens to be an uncle-of-sorts to me, being married to my mom’s cousin) and Aishwarya Rai (because she acted terribly in Pink Panther II).

    • BTW, I didn’t mean that comment to be snobbish as it turned out. Sorry.
      I was juts wondering if my kid was being sadly held in an insulating bubble.

      • No, I know what you mean. Taare zameen par is one of only a couple of Indian movies little N has watched. I wonder about the bubble too, because her friends are going to the movies to watch Dhoom 3 etc. with family. But that’s just not me, so bubble it is for my kids too. 🙂

  2. I too have an ‘Aamir Khan’ in my class…and that still evokes sniggers when I call out the name during attendance check 🙂

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