Food Score

Cannot believe it is almost the end of January already.  How time flies!  While this month was mostly a blur due to sickness (ugh!), one of my resolutions flourished (the most counterintuitive one).  Which one is that, you ask?  Well.  Remember the resolution to try out 100 new recipes this year?  Yes, that one!  Tummy pains and exotic cooking go hand in hand?  Go figure.

Stuff that I tried out this month:

  • South Indian vegetable kurma
  • Saravana Bhavan kothamalli chutney
  • Methi matar pulao
  • Vegetable sevai
  • Alu methi
  • Gobi parathas
  • Kaima idlies
  • Tanjore style kadappa (YUM!)
  • Pudina rotis
  • Kala channa masala

10% of the way there!  Not too shabby, huh? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Food Score

  1. Major enthu, I tell ya.
    The kadappa – what did you have that with? Traditionally it is had with Idlys. I used to think that was a weird combination, but it grows on you.

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