Put in Place

It’s now over a month since I finished learning “kurai onrum illai”.  Over the intervening timeframe, I practiced it several times and think I now have most of the kinks ironed out.  I played my sound cloud recording the other night to see if I could find any glaring errors in my delivery from a month back.  Half-way through the song, little N walked by.  She stopped and listened carefully for a few minutes along with me.  “Is that M.S. Subbalakshmi, Mommy?”, she asked once the song ended.

Imagine what I felt when I heard that.

Grinning like a bear (do bears grin?) from ear to ear, I asked her why she thought the singer was MSS and got ready to gloat (yes, self is big sucker for compliments).  Little N returned, “Oh, because I don’t know many other carnatic singers.  Plus, I know that MSS was a really old lady, and this singer sounds like a really old lady too.”



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