Winter Storm Janus is here (who ever decided that every storm needs a name?!).  The Weather Channel is calling for an accumulation of 5 to 8 inches over the course of the day.  More than the flurries outside my window, there is a flurry of weather-related activity inside my workplace right now.

  • Emails have been floating in from our support staff indicating that they plan to leave work no later than 10 am, ahead of the “impending storm”.
  • Our group’s secretary stopped by my office looking grim with dire predictions of how bad this storm is going to be, and noted that she herself was planning to leave the office no later than 2 pm.
  • My boss stopped by to review the status of multiple projects, laughed and shook his head at the white powder outside the window, and said “I don’t think we’ll get more than a couple of inches, after all this fuss”.

Hmmmm… looks like the expected intensity of the storm is inversely proportional to where you are on the totem pole?

Self, up and coming Senior Project Manager (and trying to align with boss than with secretary), is currently poised with one eye on the computer to efficiently wrap up today’s deliverables, and one eye out the window to make a dash for the car, if needed.

Stay warm!


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