Lessons Learned

After decades (ahem!) of relatively decent health, the bout of severe abdominal and back pain from the past two weeks has given me quite a jolt.  Not completely out of the woods yet but somewhat better than where I started, for which I am infinitely thankful.

Some lessons learned (yes, I had a loooot of free time to think while laying around like broccoli in pain for the past several days):

  • Good health is not something to take for granted.  It goes in a minute, and then you can clutch and cling all you want but it takes its own sweet time to get back on track again.
  • It is downright stupid to routinely turn up nose at fruit and veggies (especially being vegetarian) and assume that it won’t catch up with you at some point.  I mean, I unthinkingly walk past baskets of (free) fruit piled up in my office kitchen area to buy peanuts from the vending machine for a 3 pm snack.  Shameful, no?  Never been a problem before.  But now that it is, I am amazed at how I went on the way I went on for all this time.  Clearly, long past the “kallum jeeranikkara vayasu”.  It’s time to seriously clean up habits now.
  • You can acquire a taste for almost anything.  On the first day, I viscerally hated the small jar of prunes that I was ordered by the doctor to get through.  Spat and kicked up a major fuss, and finally had to be spoon fed by little A (mmmm…. liked that part, though).  After a week, the prunes actually started to taste pretty good to me (“Eppdi irundha naan ippdi aayitene?”).
  • “Little Women” is as much a pleasure to read now as when I first read it in 5th grade.  Though I am still sad over Beth dying, and Jo not marrying Laurie (how could she refuse him?!).
  • Lost over eight pounds with the sickness.  Not happy at all.  Feeling this much crappy and losing weight is totally worthless. I am done with my weight loss goals for the year.  Actually, I am entirely done with putting out weight loss goals for myself.  My sane friend, S, had posted on FB (after a brief stint that she had with some pain recently) that strong, healthy, and fit is waaaaay better than skinny any day.  Works for me too.
  • Hospitals bring out the silly side of me.  While drinking some vile fluids to prep for some tests yesterday, found myself wondering if I should empty a part of the liquid into the dumpster labeled “Biohazards” just to see if the nurse finds out (didn’t actually do it, ok?).
  • Brought my special little wooden Pullaiyaar with me to work yesterday.  This Pullaiyaar has helped me big time in the past during some tough times.  My dormant faith seems to be finding its way back to me again.  Nothing like tough times to shake the faith back into place, huh?  Still.  It is a good, positive feeling – that faith in God and the belief that things will ultimately turn out ok even if you can’t see the end of it right then.  Glad to find myself turning back towards that path of faith and belief (and hope to bring my munchkins along too).

Think I am quite philosophical today, huh?  Wouldn’t you be too, if you were going about bragalogging on your blog like you were in princess fairy tale land and were suddenly thrown into gut wrenching painful s%&^?

Ok, then.


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