Had friends over for dinner on saturday. In the spirit of trying out new recipes, googled “Saravana Bhavan kothamalli chutney” (what ever did people do before the internet?).  Found a smashing (and simple) recipe, and made it as one of the sides.  Have officially arrived in professional chutney land, I say.  YUM!  Went ice skating on sunday at the local rink (ok, the kids did), played a loud, long game of “Settlers of Catan” with the family, and N came up with a crazy word game that had us laughing for hours.  Super fun weekend! 🙂

Have come up with a new fitness acronym – GOYA (for “get off your a$$”).  If I found myself (or N) sitting around too much on the computer or lounging around over the weekend, I shouted “GOYA”.  Sounds annoying?  Well.  It was more cute than it sounds here (I had a nice tune going).  And N didn’t mind, at least I think he didn’t.  So, that’s why.  We actually did more stuff this weekend than usual (and didn’t give in to mid-day napping urges).  Win win.

Watched two pretty decent hindi movies – “Lunchbox” and “Luck by Chance”.  Want to watch a good new tamil movie but sadly that seems to be an oxymoron these days.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Finally joined LinkedIn (after telling people shamelessly for years that I was too busy on FB to get onto LinkedIn).  Currently re-living early FB days on LinkedIn, with heady sensation of “finding” people that have been lost for years, only this time with professional contacts.  Am sucker for social media, no doubts about that.

There’s some strange (but positive) energy at the local Trader Joe’s.  I feel it each time I am there.  N says that it’s a hippie joint selling things named “apocryphal pita”, etc. (maybe that’s why it’s totally my style).  The last time I was there, the guy behind the counter asked me totally out of the blue “What movie would you like to star in, if given a chance?”, and instead of giving him a (well deserved) weird look, I actually answered (without skipping a beat), “Why, Bridget Jones, of course”.  Sometimes, I surprise myself.

This past week, little A has suddenly been eating more vegetables and fruits.  That’s her New Year’s resolution, and at this point, she seems to be doing better with her resolutions than her mom has been.  Hope this streak lasts!

Monday is here.  But feels pretty good (for a change).  After weeks of partying and relaxing, seems like people (including self) are finally ready to do some serious work.

Have a super week!


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