No Regrets

Kurai onrum illai…

I was intrigued by this song after my friend, D, told me that she was trying to self-learn it.  After listening to a bunch of recordings by the one and only MSS, I was quite unimpressed with the lyrics.  I mean, every other line in the song is “kurai onrum illai” (no regrets).  I am a lyrics snob.  Cannot stand songs that are super catchy lilting numbers but the lyrics totally reek (like “ishq shavaa mushq shavaa”, WTH?).  But, the delivery of kurai onrum illai by MSS was quite haunting, especially the recording that I heard, which must have been sung by her in her 80s.  There was something deeply religious about it, for want of a better term.  So, decided to learn it, lyrics notwithstanding.  The lyrics actually grew on me after a while.  After all, Rajagopalachari (who wrote it) was not your every day composer.  Plus, he was only saying that he had no complaints and was not whining asking the higher powers for wealth and fame.  Need to support positivity, no?

The song itself was v. tough to learn.  What sounded effortless on the MSS recordings had me puffing and panting to get through.  Still.  Get through I did.  Here’s my rendition of this amazing song.

A little more lung capacity would sure have been nice.  But, otherwise, no regrets. 😉


7 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. Lovely, as ever.
    You weren’t impressed by the lyrics? I love their simplicity. “un maarbil
    Ethum thara niRkum karuNai kadal annai enRum irunthida Ethu kuRai enakku” never fails to tear me up.

  2. I was visiting India in 2002 when I read this article. Prior to reading it, I was vaguely aware of the song (my attitude could be summed up as “another” very nice rendition by MSS), but nothing that resonated with me in any special way. After reading this piece, I couldn’t forget it…that Rajaji could compose it after undergoing so many immense personal losses (a single one of which would have been more than enough to render most of us bitter and angry) was eye-opening in many ways. I have listened to it over and over again since then (during happy and not-so-happy times), and I am not exaggerating when I say that it reinforces my faith (and a “stop whining and be content with what you’ve been given” feeling) every single time. As LG mentioned, tears invariably follow. Plus, Rajaji’s last words (as mentioned in the article) should appeal to your Zen side :-))

    • Wow, D!!!! I had no idea. Touching and inspiring article, thanks for sharing! Absolutely, Rajaji’s last words are something to keep in mind and aspire for. Hmmmm… sort of feeling like a total AH now, about my cavalier post. 🙂

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