Visited the Nation’s Capital over the weekend.  A totally unplanned trip.  After a holiday week filled with me going to work half-days (and pretending to work from home the other half) with N, the girls, and Amma all staying home the whole time, cabin fever was bound to hit, no?  Temperatures in DC were hovering in the upper 40s for the most part (which is all you can ask for in this neck of the woods at this time of the year).  Some highlights:

  • Enjoyed wandering around the Newseum (even though there was a hefty entrance fee to get in, which I did not like).  Got to touch a portion of the Berlin Wall, which was v. cool.  Saw a show and several exhibits about JFK there (yes, like a lot of vetti American junta, I am a sucker for all things Kennedy).  Also on display were several amazing Pulitzer prize winning photos, but their themes – mostly war, famine, and bloodshed – were quite sobering.
  • Speaking of award winning photography, took the camera along but deliberately left it behind at the hotel on ALL our outings.  Was surprisingly quite liberating – to not act like paparazzi (with the kids), and to not pose for pics like supermodel every couple of minutes.
  • Museum food in DC was consistently super duper, I say.  Both at the Newseum and at the Gallery of Art that we visited on sunday.  And v. cool gift shops too!
  • Drove through Seneca Creek State Park to watch the winter lights.  Was a very creative and pretty display (not at all like the tacky show we thought it might turn out to be).  The kids had a great time hanging out of the sun roof like little puppies to watch the display from up top.
  • Visited my relatives G & A in VA.  Gossiped about everyone under the sun over yummy dinner that A had made, and suggested several names (unasked) for their baby who’s due any day now (really hope they pick one of my suggestions!).
  • Lounged around reading for a couple of hours at the huge Baltimore Harbor B & N.  Felt v. thankful that the kids also enjoy reading as much as we do.  Or perhaps, it is inevitable that they would be big time readers too.  Still.  Was really relaxing to sit around with a cappuccino and read for hours.  Mmmmm….
  • Stopped by the local Saravana Bhavan for dinner on the way home.  Looks like the local HSB has finally cleaned up after a couple of years of putting out blah food and getting dissed in the local papers.

A really nice unplanned mini-break at the end of the year.  Looking forward to many more such mini trips in 2014. 🙂

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