Resolutions for 2014

LOVE making resolutions in the New Year.  If you recall, I did this last year.  Won’t revisit that list since more than 50% on the list didn’t get done.  Anyway.  New Year = Fresh Start.  Right?  Since I find myself in this fantastically idle place on this lovely Christmas eve afternoon, decided to get a jumpstart on the resolutioning (so I can directly start implementing on January 1).

So.  Here goes, my list of resolutions for 2014:

  • Learn 50 new paatus (~ 1 per week).  If you think that’s too ambitious, wait till you hear about the next one.
  • Try out 100 new recipes.  Have decided that cooking is going to be my new hobby for 2014.  Pretttty sure that the family will be more excited about this one than they were with the paatus. 😉
  • Visit New Zealand, Spain, or Portugal.  Too realistic to wish for all three, but won’t complain if it all just magically comes together (N, are you listening?).
  • Lose 5 pounds before the end of the year (this is getting to be a distant dream with every passing year).
  • Work the social muscle more, make new friends (tough one for me).
  • Try not to hover over the kids (v. tough for me, but got to start at some point, especially since little N turns 12 in 2014.  Eeeek!).
  • Go to the temple once a month (I think we only went once for the whole of 2013 –  utterly disgraceful).
  • Have more whitespace on our calendar (at least one night a week and one day of the weekend).
  • Walk more (seriously).
  • Choose happiness every day (that, right there, is my big one).

What are your resolutions for 2014?


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