Year in Review – 2013

I did a “Year in Review” post last year (  Nice and handy concept, especially at a time when I cannot think of anything else to write about.  I mean, at this point, more than midway through the month of feasting (candy, donuts, and popcorn just thrown around the office like errant Christmas decorations), mind has completely checked out.  Just as well, you say?  Anyway.

Here’s my review of 2013.

Blog posts written: 90 (including this one; 89 here, and 1 post on the almost flat-lined  Maybe I should just shut down the other one, since even I never stop by there (so can’t blame you).

Pounds lost: Didn’t lose any this year (despite promising beginning with the flu in January).  Still.  Am hanging out almost the same as where I was at the end of last year.  2013 was all about stability, it seems, which is fine by me (vera enna choice?).

Trips: Visited France, Portland, Cape Cod, Boston, and Puerto Rico this year.  Some really fun times (though completely maxed out on vacation time, and actually need to show up at work at some point next week.  Ugh!).

New cuisines tried:  None, but have gotten orrey comfortable with Thai food.  I actually suggest going to Thai restaurants these days, much to the surprise of the family.

Morning rage:  Almost non-existent.  I am doing pretttty well in my quest to be Zen Master (if I say so myself).  The main change that I have noticed in myself is the pause.  When I want to respond with anger or impatience, I find myself stopping at the right moment before I react (instead of just wishing later that I had stopped, which used to happen a LOOOOOT previously).  I mean, not that I remember this all the time (some days, buttons are just waiting to be pushed every which way).  But, I am right now soooo much better at this than when I started out a couple of years back.  Super. Powerful.  Try it!

New hobby: My paatu.  It does a lot for your happiness factor.  Having hobbies that are just for you, that is.  That used to be my blog.  But, in 2013, I added another one.  Inadvertently, stumbled on paatu again (thanks to my friend, L).  And found myself enjoying it more than I thought possible.  While it’s awesome to do stuff with the family, having that something that’s uniquely yours just can’t be beat.  I actually find myself jumping out of bed every morning, just because I can’t wait to practice my new paatus!  Such a geek, no?  But, seriously, it’s pure joy.

All things considered, 2013 has been a good year filled with happiness and peace.  Hope you had a wonderful year too.

Wishing you a fabulous 2014 filled with happiness, peace, good health, and prosperity!


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