Christmas Miracle

It was 11:00 am when I looked out my window and saw boat loads of pure white snow shimmering in the bright sunlight.  Snow was actually looking quite pretty and inviting (yes, I was surprised too).  Why was I randomly looking out of the window in the middle of busy work day, you ask?  Well.  We have our office holiday party this evening so things are more mellow than usual with no pressing deadlines (another surprise!).  So.  Decided to take the bull by the horns.  And ate an early lunch (of course, that’s not the “bull by the horns” part).  Walked out of my office, went to the nearest mall, and spent a highly productive lunch hour finishing up the shopping that little N and I started over the weekend.  What did I buy?

  • Black rhinestone studded top for little N for her concert (what kind of mom did you think I was to let the girl perform Vivaldi in old top that may or may not fit?)
  • Formal dress shoes for the concert (really hope they are the right size!!)
  • Cute reindeer ornament for office party gift swap

Forgot about the gift swap before, and only remembered when I saw admin’s email reminder this morning.  Thought about pretending that I didn’t see her email, but decided to do the grown-up thing instead.  Plus, didn’t want to be the grinch who didn’t bring present to swap.  Hmmmm…. ornament looks really cute.  Can I say that I won’t swap and want to keep my reindeer?  Probably not – again, to avoid grinch scenario.  Che, the pressures of society!

So.  A very satisfactory lunch outing, indeed.  Feeling all warm and pleased.  One small problem, though.  With all the running around, the lunch that I ate early is now a distant memory.

Is it time for the holiday dinner yet? 😉


2 thoughts on “Christmas Miracle

  1. So, did those shoes fit?
    You are one dedicated mom, to actually go shopping for the kid when you could have sat at your window seat with a cup of steaming chai, looking at the magical, pure, fluorescent snow.
    Can you guess which part of USA I miss most?

    • Of course, they don’t fit! Easier to change than to shop for the first time, though. No prizes for guessing where I will be at lunch time today. 😉

      You miss the snow, girl???!! Ok, now there are two things that you and I have wildly different views on. Do you know the other one? I think you do.

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