Confessions of a Shopaphobic

I cannot shop to save my life.  I would rather wear the same sweater for over 20 years (true story) than go shopping for the latest fad.  Of course, if someone (read N) were to go shopping on my behalf and buy me the latest fad, I would happily wear it.  So, things have been working out well so far.  Except that I HAD to go shopping over the weekend.  For someone who detests shopping even more than I do.  Who could that be?  Why, little N, of course (apple right under tree, I say).  Her violin orchestra has the first concert of the season coming up this weekend, and just for giggles, their concert attire is black and black (instead of the black and white that we have already held our noses and shopped for once).  Plus, the girl is outgrowing one shoe size every month, so we needed to shop for formal shoes as well.  Joy oh joy!

So.  I braced myself last weekend.  And brought up the topic of shopping to the chicki who was lying there like lazy broccoli reading after breakfast.  “Why do I need to go?  Can you just pleaaaaase go pick up the stuff for me?  Anything you get is fine with me”, the chicki tried.  But I didn’t cave.  Was not going down that road again.

Half an hour later, the two of us headed out to the local mall.  Visited several shops looking for the elusive black and black, and were greeted by shiny holiday dresses covered with sequins and glitter (ugh!).  Finally found one pair of black pants after wandering around aimlessly for over an hour.  By this point, we were both pretty much done.  Still, there was the small matter of something for the girl to wear on top and on the feet.  Felt better after fortifying ourselves with coffee (for me), salted caramel hot chocolate (for the munchkin), and a pumpkin muffin (for both of us).  Feeling energized, we stopped at the local toysrus and bought a bunch of toys that I had signed up to donate to a charity for Christmas.  Much easier to shop if not for ourselves, I say!  While we were wandering around toysrus, the girl ran through her clothes inventory in her mind and reminded me that she had a black top already that would probably do just fine for the concert.  I was in no mood to disagree, so we shook on the old black top (that hopefully still fits her).  And then there was one (ok two) left on our list – dress shoes.

But this time, we were really really done.  Two hours of continuous shopping is a first for both of us.  I mean, I remember a time when V, who was eight months pregnant, had more fun shopping and trying on dresses than single, 23 year old me.  So.  Agreed (sucker that I am) to little N’s suggestion that I could probably just run out during my lunch break and pick up a pair of dress shoes for her.  Which was all fine and dandy.  Except that that would have been my lunch break today.  Which came and went.  But it was cold and dreary today, and I was in no mood to even consider shoe shopping (surprise!).

So, a pair of dress shoes is currently hanging over my head like Damocles’ sword.

Must. finish. shopping. tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


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