Puerto Rico

We were in Puerto Rico over the past week.  Returned home with two days to spare (have finally learnt lesson after returning from too many trips on sunday evening, and showing up at work the next day with heart in mouth).  Some highlights of our trip:

  • Temperatures in the 85 to 95 degrees F range the whole time we were there.  Got my money back on the trip just with that.  Pretty sure that I must have been a tropical monkey in my last janmam.  N and the chickis (the Americanos) don’t like hot and humid weather so much (what’s not to like? I don’t understand!).  So, the next tropical vacation is waaaay in the distant future for me.  Made this trip all the more special.
  • Kite flying by the munchkins on the massive green outside the El Morro fort.  Fabulous.  Have not seen kites (at least our kites) fly that high.  Ever.
  • Visited Culebra, a little island off the coast of Puerto Rico, with our neighbors from NJ (who also happened to be vacationing in PR at the same time).  Visited the wow-worthy Playa Flamenco and Playa Zoni at Culebra.  How do they make the water soooo blue and green over there?  Could use some tips for our own Spring Lake.  Bonus: Read (on flight back) that  Flamenco Beach is rated the world’s #2 beach (huh? who’s doing all this rating and have they visited every beach everywhere?).  Still.  Was pretty pleased to read about it.
  • You know what was NOT so much fun?  3/5ths of the family throwing up on the ferry enroute to Culebra.  Can you guess which three?  I will give you a clue.  Total age of throw-uppers = 87.5 years.
  • The delicate plumbing system in PR required an abundance of caution about how much loo paper got used and tossed into the potty.  V. good for the environment but at what cost?
  • The gorgeous beach within plain view of our living room, and within a minute’s walk from there.  Most mornings, I ate breakfast on the balcony looking at the ocean.  Especially delightful was the incessant sound of waves crashing.  Alai osai is truly something special, no?
  • Walked on aforementioned beach in the morning, during baking hot noon time (my personal favorite), and watched the sunset one evening as well.  Mmmm…. Although, briefly wondered about potential for tsunami situation with beach being this close to the resort.
  • The cute little birds that joined me on the balcony for breakfast every morning but were too proud (or well-mannered) to grab a bite of my proffered toast.
  • The pretty waterfalls and fragrant flowers at the El Yunque National Forest.
  • Fried plantains (YUM!!), plantillas, rice, beans, and decadent desserts at almost every meal.  Gluttony, my favorite sin.
  • Weight loss that’s no worse for all the vacation-induced gluttony (see, I knew hot and humid was good!).
  •  Riding around our resort on a golf cart (especially down steep slopes) one idle afternoon.
  • The awe-inspiring Arecibo Observatory.  Truly a marvel.  Was mind-boggling that engineers like me built this thing.  Clearly, different kind of engineers.
  • The laid-back Dunkin’ Donuts store where the staff didn’t seem to feel any pressure to move fast (or move at all), unlike their go get ’em counterparts in the northeast.  Let the record show that I drank only one cup of coffee (or less) per day.  Coffee in PR is nothing to write home to mom about (except in my case, Amma was traveling with us, so I wouldn’t have written anyway).
  • Amma whipped up some paal payasam to accompany our Thanksgiving dinner (of rava upma, thayir sadam, potato roast, and sundal).  Yum!
  • Was nice to not check FB for a whole week.  Was even better to read (but not respond to) work emails, and watch colleagues resolve crises on their own.

Mmmmm…. vacation is truly a wonderful thing for the soul.  Looking forward to the next one already.

Any suggestions?


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