Enna Thavam Seidhanai

No, this is not a post regaling the penances that I did to become mom to my two cuddlebugs (that’s a separate post for another time, ok?).  This is about the stunning piece of Carnatic music set to Kaapi ragam on the heartwarming dynamics between Yashodha and little Krishna.  Since I am currently in “self-learn Carnatic music (with assistance from my friend L)” world, decided that this super duper song would be next on my list.  Since L was sick when this idea popped up (and the instant gratification part of me couldn’t wait a minute longer), I went ahead and got started totally on my own.

So.  Early monday morning, I (fittingly) grabbed my first cup of kaapi, and started to experiment.  Settled on a youtube recording (after checking out a few others that didn’t quite sound manageable).  Interestingly, turned out, the singer was a senior from my school in India (HAC has churned out quite a few fabulous ladies, I say!).

All hunky dory, right?  Except what I was singing was not kaapi, but a mangle of wildly miscarried tunes, and mispronounced lyrics.  Was mildly discouraged by the time the rest of family came downstairs an hour later, since I had not progressed much beyond the first line.

But, helps to have OCD tendencies.  The 70,000+ views on the youtube recording?  At least 60,000 of them were from yours truly in the past couple of days (I kid you not).  I must have practiced the song repeatedly several hundred times this week.  I mean, even at work, during my 30 minute lunch break, I have been huddling in my car (parked faaaar away from the rest of civilization) practicing the elusive melody.  It’s gotten to the point that N and the girls have taken to running a mile (fast) in the opposite direction as soon as they hear me start “enna…”.

But, the shunning by society has all been worth it.  FINALLY, during that magical time of the day (what else? my lunch break, of course), something clicked for me today.  The pieces all fell in place.  Just. like. that.  Lyrics and tune all in beautiful harmony (if I say so myself).  V. exciting, I am telling you!!  But, the litmus test will be my evening commute, when I will (undoubtedly) belt out the song in my SUV cocoon to check if I still have it.  Wish me luck!

I now understand what I have heard many times before but never quite realized.  To perform something effortlessly, you must have first practiced it a million times.  There’s just no two ways about it.

Hope my two cuddlebugs are listening! 🙂


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