Kid(ding) Me?

I just read a thought-provoking post from my friend, L, at, which seems to have been written in the middle of the night while deep in the throes of the flu (feel better, girlfriend!).

Flu-induced hallucinations notwithstanding, L describes a pretty profound dream and concludes her post with “What would you say to the kid you?”.  Got me thinking (I have multiple work deadlines this week, so I am ready to think about almost any other thing under the sun).

Turns out I have quite a few things to say to the kid me.  Which I oftentimes do convey to my kids, under the mistaken assumption that they are the new mini me (and get put in my rightful place by the no-nonsense munchkins).  But, as we know, since the kid me is ensconsed back in the glacial ages, I can safely give lofty advice to her from my current perch.  So, here goes:

  • Do not worry so much about day to day stuff.  In 30 years, you will realize that most of what you worried about did not come true.
  • Do NOT quit paatu.  Despite what you think, you are actually pretty good at it.  And in 30 years, you will obsessively try to learn “Enna Thavam Seidhanai” for hours on your own watch from youtube videos (and will miserably fail to get the tune just right).
  • Feel free to sit around doing nothing.  For hours, if you wish (just not before exams, but you know that already).  Every minute of your life does not have to be productive.  The world doesn’t depend on you to spin around.
  • Don’t constantly bury that little nose in a book (however interesting the book may be).  Look around, make new friends.
  • Spend more time doing pointless, fun stuff with your friends (like making rainbow loom bracelets for hours or whatever else seems cool to you).  Your strong memory notwithstanding, this is the stuff that you will remember when you look back in 30 years.  Not the 300+ pages of science text that you routinely squeeze into your head with alarming accuracy the night before your exams.
  • Teach the math shortcuts that you so cleverly figured out to your friends as well.  Spread the joy around.  It is not always a competition (except when it is).
  • Hold on to that solid faith in God and religion that you have now.  The passage of time, unfortunately, shakes even the unshakeable.

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