• Looks like Fall colors are peaking in NJ right now. Drove past a bunch of office complexes (that usually don’t get a second glace from me) and was blown away by the riot of colors from the trees.  Was only sorry that I didn’t have my camera with me. Perhaps just as well – after all , I was doing 65 mph on a busy road, and was already mildly distracted with one ear open for pings from my FB friends.
  • Speaking of FB, had a BLAST with all the hilarious “giraffing” on FB yesterday.  Me and chaddi buddy R got the answer correct, and danced around FB big time bugging everyone else.  Not typical for me, so it was all the more fun.
  • October has been a super duper month for my blog.  I have always been a sucker for ranks and stats (particularly, when I do well).  Wordpress tells me that this month I had over a thousand views of my posts.  I am sure this is jujubi for you pro bloggers out there, but I am personally thrilled to bits!  A big thank you to all my loyal readers for making it this far with me.  Mogambo khush hua. 🙂
  • October has also been a super duper month weather-wise.  I mean, last year we were in post-Sandy dark dumps by this time, so right now feels pretty good.  Also, not having snow on the ground for Halloween trick-or-treating is a pretty good thing in my book.
  • In the interest of doing something for others during the holiday season (instead of just stuffing our faces with candy), I reached out to our local Homefront and found that they are open on saturdays to receive bagged lunches for the homeless and the needy.  I used to have the munchkins make bagged lunches for TASK but they are not open on saturdays, so it’s always been a challenge and a major production to get the lunches delivered.  I mean, before work on a weekday? Especially when I am already perenially running late with no bagged lunch even for myself?  No surprise that, despite the best of intentions, we’ve only done weekday lunch deliveries to TASK a couple of times so far.  I am v. excited about Homefront being open on saturdays.  Planning to host a bagging event soon (is this the right term?), and have the kids and their friends make cheese sandwiches and pack juice, fruit, and snack boxes, while I supervise them (while drinking masala chai and munching on one of those yummy cheese sandwiches) from the comfort of my family room (nice imagery, no?).  Want to join us? Drop me a line! (I know I have said this before, but this time it’s for real).

Happy Wednesday!


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