Go with the Flow

Came in to work this morning and checked my calendar.  A lunch meeting and a meeting right after lunch both got canceled (nothing short of a minor miracle, let me tell you).  Decided to use that little “gift of time” to take Amma out for lunch at our local Indian restaurant (yes, I am a wonderful daughter, thank you very much).  Come 11:30 am, I could almost taste the scrumptious malai koftas that I know the local guy is great at making.  I called Amma to ask if she is ready so I can swing by and pick her up.  But Amma informed me that due to scheduling issues, our cleaning lady had arrived at our place much earlier than anticipated, so we couldn’t really head out to lunch.  Amma offered to whip up a quick lunch for us at home.

My malai koftas were shaken (but not stirred).  I mean, I could go with the flow as much as the next person, but going all the way from MK to thayir sadam?  With some quick thinking, I countered Amma’s offer to cook by offering to pick up some takeout lunch for us to eat at home.  I called the local chaat shop (see, lotsa desi choices in super duper NJ) and ordered vada pavs for us.  “Plan B’s not too shabby, just got to keep an open mind”, I told myself with satisfaction (yes, in a pretty Zen mood these days).

Reached the chaat shop and asked for the vada pavs that, I was sure, were awaiting my arrival.  Turns out the guy that took my order heard “dabeli” when I said “vada pav” (really? do these sound similar to you?).  Luckily for him, Zen mood was still ongoing.  I said cheerfully (feeling like a super pious cat) “Oh, that’s okay.  Will just try dabeli then”.  Let the record show that self has never tried dabeli before (turns out, for a reason).  The dude behind the cash register was delighted with my good nature (ahem!) and noted that dabeli was actually quite similar to vada pav (the rascal!).  Thought I heard a whisper from the cashier as I was walking away – “just like vada pav, but sweet”.  There was a pause in my mind.  “But sweet?  Alright, that’s it.  Go on and make my vada pav right now.  I don’t want any of this dabeli bull.” – a part of me wanted to go back and shriek (now that’s the part that I am going to listen to, from now on).  But again, some perverted Zen s&*^ intervened in my head, and I walked away.  Slightly doubtful, but still congratulating myself on keeping an open mind.

Came home and tried the dabeli.  COMPLETELY SWEET BS!!!!  I mean, I don’t even like for desserts to be sweet.  Ugh!!  And how is it “like vada pav” if there is no vada inside the pav, but just some random sweet mush?  V. disgruntled.

Hmmmm…. on some days, going with the flow is only for dead fish, I say.


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