Pack Up

It’s a wrap for Golu 2013.  Quite literally.  Today we will wrap all the bommais that were put to sleep on the steps last night, and will put them away in our basement to (hopefully) stay intact and undisturbed till next year.  The golu rounds this year were just AWESOME.  I mean, golu season has always been wonderful, but this year felt special.  I think what was different this year was my mind set.  In true Zen Master style (yes, thank you very much), I remembered to remain in the moment, have fun and connect with people wherever I was, and not obsess over being on time for the next destination on my list (a little slackering is a wonderful thing!).

So, even with five homes (or more) to visit after 6 pm on week days, I totally looked forward to dressing up every evening (which itself is pretty far out for me), found every visit relaxing, and all the local gossip (mostly spread by self) v. entertaining.  Belted out songs at almost every home that we visited, with voice luckily holding out better than last year.  Also, was really pleased to see my bunch cookies both sing their songs confidently, and more importantly, without much prodding from me.

I am usually sundal-ed out and done with golu by the time we make it to Vijayadasami.  This year, not so much.  I find myself looking forward to the next one already (how can this be??), and have several new songs on my mind that I can’t wait to teach the girls for next year’s sundal rounds.

Hope your Golu season was as much fun! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pack Up

  1. I was exhausted yesterday, but today, Vijayadasami pepped me totally – coincidence that there is a work deadline today, and add on to that, a couple of new students in my music class, my usual students doing the guru-vandanam and all (gack ! I can’t be “guru”, can I?) and the kid herself starting her school today after 15 days. Boy am I fired or what!

    • How awesome that your paatu class is expanding. Vijayadasami was very fulfilling for you, I am sure. Maybe we should use that pepped up feeling and get an early start on making Deepavali batchanams this year! 😉

  2. Oh by the way, we put the bommai to sleep on Vijayadasami night and put them away on the 11th day. I didn’t know packup was on vijayadasami in some homes.

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