A bunch of (a)musings from little A this morning (with my thoughts in parantheses).

  • I wish I were as old as Patti.  She has no school to go to, and she can just stay home all day watching shows and doing nothing (wonder who makes all the hot and yummy afterschool snacks and dinner then?).
  • Even as old as Mommy would be good.  She has no homework, she just goes to work, does nothing and tells other people what to do (hmmm…. how did little A find out?).
  • I wish Mommy could do “parent pick up” everyday.  My friend P’s mom does it all the time.  Oh, maybe P’s mom is retired, maybe she is 60 years old (ROFL!!)

As you can tell, self not particularly close friends with P’s mom. 😉


One thought on “Musings

  1. No don’t do this to me. I am in the “why can’t I clone myself so that there are two LGs who can at least complete half the work she has pending” mode.

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