Pie Chart

I walk into work on a rainy monday morning.  Half groggy from too little sleep on the wake of too much adrenalin after hosting some 25+ ladies (and roughly double that number of children) for our golu.  Had a super duper time catching up with all our visitors last night.  And the icing on the cake is that our golu rounds are just beginning!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of the year!

N, incidentally, spent most of yesterday evening on the computer in our study like a free bird (on the pretext that there was estrogen overload everywhere else in the house).  And was clear-headed enough to get ready and out the door by 7 am this morning.  Still yawning after two strong cups of coffee, I start up my computer and open my Outlook to this cute little pie chart forwarded by that idle snidle early bird. pie chart

Sheer vettiness, no? 🙂

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Pie Chart

  1. I just finished mine today too (and another one planned for Thursday – living in IIT campus mandates that you have at least two days to cover everyone). The adrenalin is pouring out of my ears. Can’t sleep. And tomorrow I am doing the Chennai rounds to sing for my sundal – all the way from Adyar to aminjikarai.
    I hear you loud and clear.

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