It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….


  • My (partially filled) thamboolam bags are neatly piled up near the kitchen island.  Why partially filled, you ask?  Well.  I am hosting this weekend.  How many days in advance do you think I can put moist vethalais and fresh fruit into the bags without causing irreparable damage?
  • The girls have their songs (almost) ready, and seem to enjoy practicing them as much as I enjoy making them practice (win win!).
  • I haven’t prepared a song this year.  Perhaps because the girls have been so good about preparing their songs, and I am ready to hang my singing shoes (is that the term?).  Also, there is the minor matter of ragweed pollen.  I have no idea whether I will even have a singing voice during golu week this year, or will just have to croak out some krithis (like last year) and hope that my confidence carries the day.
  • Amma’s here, which makes me feel assured that I can handle the sundal runs (not to mention hours of cooking assorted other munchies) with more poise than usual.
  • I have my list of invites and inviteds lined up on our October calendar (white space? what white space?).
  • The girls and I tried out our outfits, so we can get in and out of them quickly (like supermodels between swimsuit and formal wear rounds).
  • I painstakingly practiced my sari-tying (man, there’s detailed how-to on the internet for everything these days!).  I think I finally have it (Trying to recall if I said this last year too. Hmmm….).  But seriously, think I really, truly have it now.  V. excited!

Let’s go a-golu-ing!!


3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….

  1. WTH? You have prepared already? You are making me panic. I haven’t even thought about navarathri yet…oh my starts tomorrow…air..air….

    • Oh, please, girl!! If history is anything to go by, your golu will be super kalakkals and will give other golus a run for their money. And very happening on the paatu front, for sure. Enjoy!!

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