It must have been exactly a decade ago.  The first-born was 13 months old, and she decided to do a test run with her spanking new teeth one day.  While nursing.  “No”, exclaimed her mother firmly.  That mild reproach was enough.  The little one’s pride was hurt.  With lips quivering, she cried her heart out for the next several minutes.  And NEVER looked back.  That “No” marked the end of nursing for that little one (her decision), which the mom looked back upon with pangs for quite a while.

Along came the second little munchkin, three and a half years later.  At 13 months, she tried the exact same thing as her sister, and got the exact same firm “No”.  Ok, here come the tears, the mom thought.  And waited.  But the tears never came.  What came instead was a disarming smile, which seemed to say, “No problem, just tell me what the rules are here, and nobody gets hurt”.  With that seal of the deal, she proceeded to continue with her business.  For the next twelve months.

Do babies come hard-wired with certain personality traits?  Does birth order play a role?

A little bit of both, methinks.


One thought on “Personality

  1. Dude – I believe they totally come wired. I think my children just rented space in my belly and now are hanging around the house firmly going about life their own way – Nature for sure wins every time over nurture!

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