Summer’s End

First day of school today. I now have a middle-schooler (OMG!) and a second grader (even more OMG!).  Almost (and only *almost*, mind you) makes me want to consider a third.  Just to stretttttttch out babyhood in our household a little longer.  But, worry not.  Better sense always prevails (thank goodness for that!).

This summer was one of the best in recent years.  Did lots of fun things.  Went to Portland in June to visit V.  Watched and re-watched several of our favorite flicks: The Sound of Music, Tangled, Kung Fu Panda, Mulan, The Parent Trap, Home Alone, etc.  Saw The Golden Dragon Acrobats and The Blue Man Group in action (acrobats waaaay better than blue boys, let me tell you!).  Went to the beach a couple of times (not as often as we should have).  Watched weight loss by religiously climbing on scale every morning, but didn’t do much else to help it along.  Went to several of my favorite restaurants instead, and indulged with no holding back (you go this way but once).  And by the way, the new Mithaas on Finnegans Lane ROCKS!!

N has been working verrrry hard on our yard this summer.  A riot of colors from flowers blooming just about everywhere, and a steady yield of tomatoes, green peppers, chillies, watermelons, and pumpkins from the veggie patch.  I smile coyly when complimented on the lovely yard by our guests.  And sometimes remember to give credit to N, especially when he is within earshot. 😉

Visited Cape Cod with V in August.  Ate lots of ice cream.  Jumped high in the air along with V at Race Point Beach and clicked numerous silly airborne pictures of ourselves a day before my big birthday (a ton of fun and a tad juvenile).  Discovered the excellent El Mundo Mexican cafe at Provincetown (I’ll be back, baby!).  Went seal watching off of Chatham, and saw hundreds of seals lazing around on the beach.  Just vegging out and enjoying the sunshine.  One of those dudes had been lazing around for soooo long  (sort of like my munchkins over the summer) that he actually had moss growing all over him!

This summer went by all too quickly.  Time goes fast when you are having fun, no?  I look at our September calendar, and it’s packed.  Violin and piano lessons, soccer practice, dance lessons, orchestra, court appearance (that would be me for a minor moving violation, but that’s another story), orthodontist appointments – you name it!  I wrote about White Space a few weeks back.  Still, I am pretty excited about the jam packed September calendar.  There’s been a lot of chillin’ over the summer (as you can tell), and I am totally ready to pack in some action (before I too gather seal-like moss).

As I say to my munchkins, “Let’s go get ’em, Tiger!!”


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