• Feel like we have been soaking up the summer this year much more than in previous years.  Perhaps it’s just me being more aware of it.  Summer’s been delightful so far.  But, the weather is already starting to feel like fall with every passing day.  I am holding on to the last remnants of summer by digging in my heels and not bringing out the fall coats yet.  Although, I am sorely tempted to when I head out early in the morning on an errand and it feels more than a little chilly sitting there waiting for the heater in the car to come on.  Really hope winter doesn’t decide to arrive early too!
  • Went to Spring Lake beach last weekend for the first time since Sandy.  The water is shockingly closer to the boardwalk now compared to last year.  Scary! 😦  Discovered Joe Joe’s pizza by the beach.  Super-duper Margherita pizzas and onion rings.   Mmmm…. I am sure we’ll be back!
  • Watched “Maryan”.  Would not have considered this my kind of movie – it was quite intense, and had some disturbing scenes.  But, I was v. impressed.  Have not seen such a well-made tamil movie in a while (read my post on “The Second Lion”, you’ll know what I mean).  The heroine looks lovely, and is effortless as an actress.  I think she’ll go far (if she’s not far along already, I mean, who keeps tabs on these things).  And that Dhanush – he does grow on you after a while, and is actually a pretty good actor too, if you think about it (and can get past his ugh! looks).  Music by ARR is delightful with some catchy tunes thrown in.  Totally recommend if you understand tamil!
  • Had a sleepover birthday party last night for little N (turns 11 next week!).  A handful of girls came over, and the kids all just hung out playing and doing their own thing.  I mean, other than putting out pizza and cupcakes, there was absolutely NOTHING for me to do!!  It was a strange thing, to be hosting a birthday party and to be sitting around like a lady of leisure.  In the past, when we have hosted birthday parties at home,  I have spent hours (days?) pulling together activities (make your own crown, musical chairs, bingo) with military precision, coordinating performers (face painters, magicians, you name it!), and carefully stuffing goodie bags the week before like they were thamboolam bags for my child’s wedding.  The changes that come with the passage of time are amazing, indeed.
  • Since there was nothing for me to do, spent a delicious couple of hours snuggled in bed, re-reading Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”.  Hands down, one of my most favorite books of all time.  Oh, and that BBC series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, mmmm…. I could totally sit around watching it all day.  Perhaps I should make birthday sleepovers full weekend affairs? 😉
  • V and her family visit us next week.  We have several mini-jaunts planned (NYC to watch the Blue Man Group, beach time at Cape Cod, Patel point visit to the Statue of Liberty, etc.).  Can’t wait!

One thought on “Happenings

  1. I am sorry for not visiting you here – last month was crazy.
    Sleepovers are things I don’t enjoy – I make huge plans for myself when the kid is away, but end up obsessing over whether she brushed her teeth, or drank milk, or is having nightmares.
    Enjoy your sister’s visit.

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