Zen Testing 123

Let go of the illusion of control, my friend.” ~ Oogway

It is Monday (isn’t that, of itself, enough to test your zen?).  I drove to work this morning after dropping off little N at tennis camp.  It was gloomy as we headed out, but didn’t look like it was going to rain.  After checking (and double checking) the camp’s website that today’s session was indeed happening, I dropped off little N and silently congratulated the camp coordinators for not chickening out at the first sight of cloudy skies.  Drove the 10 minutes to work in what started out as a drizzle, but quickly progressed to a steady patter.  “What tennis can the kids possibly play in pouring rain?”, I wondered, as I got into work and turned on my computer.  Then came the call.  “Mommy, can you come pick me up?  Camp’s canceled for today because of the rain.”  Let the record show that I didn’t “grrrr…” even to myself.  Did notice it though, and felt proud of how far I have come with all the zenning (yes, I take credit quickly when I can).  Of course, it helped that I didn’t have any meetings scheduled for the next couple of hours.  I informed our admin that I was running out for a half hour to drop little N back at home and left work.

Half an hour later.  The skies magically cleared up and it got sunny pretty quickly.  Still, the tennis courts were wet and unsafe, so canceled meant canceled.  As I drove to work (again), blinking in the sunlight (left sunglasses at home because of prior pouring rain situation), I felt a slight “grrrr…” starting in the back of my mind.  Merely “observed” the annoyance, like a true wannabe zen master.  And decided that the grrr was more in my tummy (four hours since breakfast!) than in my mind.  Got back to work and decided to make myself a cup of coffee and two slices of toast before getting the workday started.

Brewed my half-caf coffee and added mini-moos to it.  The mini-moos, which leave a lot to be desired on a good day, curdled my coffee as soon as I poured them in.  This almost never happens.  How do mini-moos go bad?  I thought even the bugs were scared of that vile stuff.  Anyway.  Sighing, I threw away my coffee and started another cup.  When, suddenly, all the 100 other paper cups stacked up near the coffee maker inexplicably fell off the shelf and scattered all over the place. Worse, two of those little s%#^s landed on my head.  Guess what I spent the next 10 minutes doing?  No, didn’t indulge in loud and nasty cussing (although I was doing that in my head).  Spent the next 10 minutes cleaning up the mess, of course.  By which time, the forgotten toast was cold and beyond redemption.

Hmmmm… some days are just not zen days, huh?


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