The Second Lion

I lost my eye glasses in March while on vacation.  And was waaaay too lazy to go get a replacement.  Until the beginning of July, when I saw that Singam II was releasing in NJ.  Diehard Surya fan that I am, I jumped into action.  But, by the time I found a tolerable frame, placed the order, and got my glasses back, another three weeks went by.  And Singam had roared its way out of NJ.  Still.  In this era when movies are released on the internet at the same time as in theaters, enjoyed (?) Singam II from the comfort of our own family room.  Some highlights:

  • Surya talks about the awesomeness of Indian “polis” every five minutes.  Sorry, konjam over.
  • It’s a tamil movie, but we get to experience soooo many languages – English, Hindi, Malayalam, African (?).  And Surya’s stylish punchline delivery.  Especially noteworthy is the “D for Dil, D for Dosti, D for Dushman, …, D for Doraisingam” bit.  Why oh why?
  • Anushka Shetty is totally lost in the movie.  She would have been better off if they had pretended that she was killed at the end of Singam I.
  • Looks like Jo has strict instructions to Surya to not pay any attention to the heroines in his movies.  I don’t think he appears in the same scene with the chicks more than a couple of times in the whole movie.  And that too, he makes sure to stand a mile away from them.  Appo, what is the need for not one but two heroines here?
  • In what appears to be a comeback to the age of gundu heroines (remember Savithri, Padmini, Rajasulochana, etc.), Anushka and Hansika both seem to be up there in weight.  I mean, if Surya is doing “polis”ing all the time, and these two are not even required to do much in the dance numbers, looks like they spent all their time eating heavy buffet lunches during the film’s shooting.
  • If you ever had any doubts on who’s the “King of the Indian Ocean”, this movie clears it all up.
  • Songs were unimpressive, except for the “Singam style” ripoff.
  • Surya’s mustache gets wilder and bigger as the movie progresses (to reflect increased intensity of “polis”ing).  As N remarked, if the mush gets any bigger and hair-ier, the movie’s name should be changed from Singam to “Karadi”.
  • A fatter Rahman (aka Raghu) as villain – No acting capabilities still but I think the current version is an improvement over when he was singing and dancing around the trees with Nadiya twenty years back.
  • Movie didn’t close out many open ends, which makes me think Singam III is on its way.  Soooookshamopathy, that director, I say!

Bottom line: Singam I was waaaaaay more entertaining than Singam II but if there’s a Singam III (Simba?) coming up, count me in!

Some people never learn, huh? 😉


2 thoughts on “The Second Lion

  1. What? You didn’t like Rahman running around trees with Nadia? I had a crush on him. Now I am so heartbroken when I see the paunch. But of course, I look down and see the bulge in my midsection too, and reconcile to the passage of that bitch, time.

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