My big birthday is coming up this month.  But more importantly, my first-born turns 11.  Four days before I turn 40 (What a wonderful birthday present she was 11 years back!).  I cannot believe how fast the years have flown by (We now have a middle-schooler, OMG!).  And I know the next seven will fly by just as quickly.  Actually, much quicker (duh, 11 > 7).

Is it just me, or is that a date that every mom calculates as soon as her child is born?  And counts down to with mixed feelings every passing year?  That date when your child will leave home for college.  And things never quite the same again as when that munchkin was still under your roof all the time.  Hmmmm…. so many things to teach, “values” to impart (nebulous as they may be), cuddles and kisses to steal (when they are still in good supply).  And so little time.

Well.  Before we get caught up in too much nostalgia (for things yet to come), best to realize that “Today is a gift, which is why it is called the present”.  And relish every moment that we have together right now.  Hmmmm…. if only I could remember such pearls of wisdom when I am ranting and raving at the munchkins….

Speaking of the “present”, the girl wants nothing for her 11th birthday.  Well.  Nothing, except for a kitten (I know we shouldn’t have read the “Pretty Kitty” book to her when she was little).  She’s done her research and thinks an American Shorthair from a shelter is the way to go.  I (tambrahm chick raised with the philosophy that it is unlucky to have cats cross your path) am v. skeptical.  But, the girl has high level support at home from her little sis and her Patti (who has surprisingly modern ideas and is waaaay more adventurous than me).  Well.  On the bright side – at least, a cat is not going to lick me.  That is a high pressure point for me, which is why I can never consider a dog for a pet.  So, N and I are going to have the “cat talk” pretty soon.  Short of my being allergic to cats (which seems quite unlikely at this point), I think we will be adding to our family in September.



6 thoughts on “August

  1. Seriously, please add this cat after we leave!!!! P is extremely allergic to cats. I don’t want to make a trip to the ER while we are there!

  2. I have a whole post to write about the college day thingy (I usually have ‘posts’ of replies LOLO!!) Very true about enjoying them here n now. Trying to do the same myself. About the meows, suffice to say I’m not a cat person myself, so Good Luck!

  3. Girl, college is still SEVEN years away – aren’t you giving me a run for my neurotic money here?
    Cat ! Hah. One of my housemates had a cat in ancient times. Boy, I HATED her (the cat, not the comparitively harmless housemate). And the feeling was mutual. She would arch up, spike the fur and hiss anytime I was in the same room as her. Needless to say, I cleared out of the house in no time.
    But that of course has nothing to do with you owning a cat. As long as you send it to cat-sitting agency when I visit you, I am fine.

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