How fast did July fly by?! Summer’s been good so far (although the past week felt more like Fall weather here in NJ). Some happenings:

  • Friends and family that we have not seen in a looooong time visited us in July.  Nothing like food, friends (and thums up?) for a great time!
  • Watched the wow-worthy Golden Dragon Acrobats in action at Queens Theatre.  Hard to believe that some of us belong to the same species as these amazingly flexible artistes.
  • Thanks to the kids and Amma, finally did a brown bag lunch delivery to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (wooohooo!!).  The speed and military precision of the trio’s grilled cheese sandwich assembly line was a sight to behold.
  • Got replacement eye glasses (and free sunglasses to boot!) – four months after losing them while on vacation (yes, some things move slowly around here).
  • N’s been working hard around the yard for the past couple of months, and we now have (limited quantities) of homegrown cherry tomatoes and green peppers, with the promise of watermelons and pumpkins looming enticingly in the background.  Awesome to see and taste the fruits of your labor (even if it isn’t exactly your labor).

Work has been crazy busy, and August isn’t looking much easier.  Still.  No complaints.  Half the summer is yet to come (thank goodness for that!), and I am looking forward to V’s visit in August.  Hope to get some beach time in, and watch some weekend fireworks before the end of summer.

The days are packed! 🙂


2 thoughts on “July

  1. Hi Kavitha,
    Got a chance today to read thru some of your recent blogs… You write so well.. Amazing! Enjoyed reading them !

    We all are now settled … and back into regular routine.. Of course, organising our pictures from camera and the iphone’s / ipad… is still pending… But shld get done soon.. Shall send you some pictures soon..

    Take care, luv to the girls…


    • Hey Neeta, Thanks, I am having a great time writing! 🙂 It was wonderful meeting you guys this month. Look forward to your pics. We have more to send your way too, esp. of Ishaan. Big hugs to Ishaan, stay in touch!

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