Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My colleague A and I are at least 25 years apart in age. She is a grandma and her son is as old as me. But we have some things in common. We are both (neurotic perfectionist) Virgos, and both (wannabe) Zen Masters. So, we have some pretty interesting (and far out) discussions from time to time. She stopped by yesterday at 4:55 pm, just as I was writing up my to do list for today and trying to get out the door within the next five minutes. She talked about this concept that she had read about – where you look in the mirror and make note of the first thing that crosses your mind. Apparently, that tells you a lot about where you are in life and how you feel about yourself.

As I was heading home, I stopped at the ladies room enroute to my car, and there it was. The mirror on the wall. Decided to put A’s theory to test. Stared at the mirror for a minute (while tilting self and new Coach bag at flattering angles). The first words that popped into my head? “Efficient and competent”. Headed home and tested the theory on some other (willing and reluctant) guinea pigs:

N: Hard-working, enthusiastic, gung ho (he had been out gardening in 95+ F weather for the past couple of hours)
Little N: Totally awesome (she was starting to make corn chowder for herself and her sister)
Little A: Very pretty (with one eye still on the TV show that she was finishing up)

No lack of self-esteem in this family, that’s for sure.

Amma, who was in the middle of reading a book, was first surprised and mildly disoriented by my question. Then, she replied that when she looked at the mirror these days, she felt “Ok, but not as great as when Appa was still with us”. Made me a little sad. 😦 Actually, my colleague A had noted something similar – “That person in the mirror is somebody that I used to know”. Hmmmm… sounds like from some song, no?

Does our self-perception change with age? Seems that way to me. Also, it seems to be a function of what activity you are engaged in at that time. I mean, would I have come up with “efficient and competent” or N with “hard-working” while staring at the mirror first thing in the morning in PJs with ruffled hair and groggy eyes?

As you can see, I am having a relaxing summer with fantastically idle mind. So, indulge me. Go look in the mirror right now, and tell me (in the comments below) what you see, and what activity you were upto right before looking in the mirror.

Keep it decent, please. 😉


5 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. Blank (blink)–blank (blink)–blank (blink),
    “Why’re my eyebrows so ugly?”

    I was bloghopping too. What I should have actually done is to coach my mind into thinking something, anything. Cha.

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