Went on a day trip to NYC yesterday.  It was v. tempting to plan a stay over.  Especially since we had a delightful time the last time we did.  But, who can afford to keep staying over every time?  Particularly when home is only an hour away.  Was amazing to see my chickis wake up bright and early, and get dressed and ready to go way before the adults. If only I could see this much motivation on school days!!

NYC was blistering HOT yesterday with temperatures in the 90+ Fahrenheit range!!!!  Still, was a ton of fun.  After all, I am tambrahm chick used to 100+ F temperatures, so this was joojoobi.  Plus, the energy in the city never fails to amaze me.  The place is so alive!!!  People in every inch of space, wandering around purposefully, as if on some important mission.  While I could never live there (like Mel Gibson said in Lethal Weapon, I am too old for this s%^&), a visit every once in a while is super.

Some highlights from our trip:

  • Had brunch at Sarabeth’s of Tribeca.  Somehow liked the Sarabeth’s at Central Park a lot better.  Think we are done with Sarabeth’s for a while (what is that saying about too much of a good thing?).
  • Never spent much time in the Tribeca area before.  Seems lovely (from what little I saw of it).  Would love to go back and explore it the next time.
  • Saw a “Dosateria” inside a Whole Foods store selling varieties of dosa with numerous different toppings (tofu and asparagus egg dosas, anyone?).  NYC is truly a melting pot.  Would have tried a dosa (or two) had we not loaded up at Sarabeth’s already.  Hmmmm…. maybe next time.
  • Walked around the base of Freedom Tower and cooled off at the mini fountains there.  Somehow, not v. impressed with what I see of the Freedom Tower at this point (sorry).  Not dissing it yet, though.  Will wait till it’s all built up before I decide (who’s asking you, you say?).
  • Went to South Street Seaport and spent a fortune on smoothies and lemonade (does NYC have no clue that things are waaaay cheaper in the rest of the world?).
  • Visited the American Museum of Natural History (since it was getting really hot for my American chickis, and crank meter was starting to climb up).  Saw some really cool exhibits there.  There was one that displayed “Google” designs by school students.  A very cool and creative collection!!  Although, some of the designs supposedly by Grade 1 and Grade 2 students were way more fancy and complicated than what most adults (at least what this adult) can ever hope to produce.  Some of these parents, really, ugh!!
  • Saw an amazing show at the Hayden Planetarium about space (and really paid attention to it for a change).  Man, humbling to realize how miniscule our day-to-day worries and travails are, in the scheme of things.
  • Saw a real human brain on display at the museum with warnings to please not touch.  As if.  You couldn’t pay me to touch that thing.  Was both gross and fascinating at the same time (Think Hannibal Lecter!).
  • Visited our temples – Laduree and Meske – and stocked up on yummies.
  • Walked a lot the whole day in 90+ F weather (except inside the museum, of course), so hopefully weight loss is still on track despite yummies.

A really fun baking summer outing.  Hope to do it again before the end of summer. 🙂


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