White Space

Summer’s off to a wonderful start!  Visiting V in Portland on the tail of several crazy busy weeks at work was just what the doctor ordered.  Sat around for most of the first day of vacation doing absolutely nothing.  BLISS.  I am finally coming to realize what I have heard and read about quite a bit.  The importance of white space on your calendar.  And in your life.  The girls seem to know this intuitively.  Since summer vacation started, they have been waking up around noon (pretending to still be on west coast time, huh?), eating yummy hot lunches made by Paati, playing with their friends in the afternoon, and generally vegging out (the bums!).

Meanwhile, I have a tendency to overschedule.  I constantly have multiple lists running. Luckily, these days, my lists are on paper and not errantly floating around in my head like they used to a couple of years back.  So, I am doing better, but there’s always scope for improvement, no?  One thing that I have learned (and I am sharing this with you and you only) is to ask myself “why” when I am adding something new to my calendar.  And to ruthlessly eliminate anything that I don’t really have a good reason for.  I recently eliminated several things from our July calendar (which was starting to get overwhelmingly busy).  And am feeling pretttty good about it.  Minimalism in all aspects of life is a great thing (a little philosophical today, huh?).

So.  I find more white space in my life these days.  With Amma here and helping me out around the kitchen (thank you, Amma!).  With the kids at home, and me not having to scramble to pack lunches and get them to and from the school bus.  I am liking the white space.  And the slower pace.  I mean, I woke up at a prince(ss)ly 7:30 am this morning to hot masala chai made by N, had a relaxed shower, and still waltzed into work before 8:45 am.  I am finding more time in my day for things that I enjoy.  Had a lot of fun playing hot potatoes with the girls and N last night till it grew dark, and enjoyed yoga class with Amma on Saturday morning.  I am already looking forward to my lunch break with the munchkins and Amma this afternoon.  Hmmmm….if only it could be summer all year round!  I am sure my lazy bum chickis heartily agree with me. 😉

Wishing you a fabulous and relaxing summer too, with lots of white space in your days.


One thought on “White Space

  1. How fun ! Enjoy as much as you can….after all, there is no better time than now, is there?
    You look fabulous in your latest photo too..looks like you are keeping the lbs away – way away.

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