Never do I clean my house with such speed, intensity, and fervor as in the last one hour before the arrival of my cleaning lady.  Hmmmm…. wonder why?  Likely because someone else walking all around your house almost feels like a house guest. Tough to show them your messes.  That’s why – the highly unusual urge to clean, methinks.

She’s running quite late today.  If I keep going at this rate, and she’s another half hour late (oooh, check out that rhyme!), she won’t have much work left to do at all.

Do you do this too?

I know you do.  Say it ain’t so! 😉


8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I did! Especially hair that was floor decoration all over the house. One time I decided to brave it out and let it be. She remarked to me with a very sympathetic face, ma’am, so much hair fall is not good for you no?

  2. Oh absolutely with you on that K. I thought I was the only one afflicted with such neurosis.
    Priya deserves to be disowned.

  3. Yes, I have this problem. Well, had it. We are currently on a thug budget. 🙂 It got to the point where Mr.T would arrange to have the cleaning ladies come on days when I was at work, so I wouldn’t get the chance.

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