Nine more days till the end of school.  Find myself looking forward to it more eagerly than the munchkins this year – if that’s even possible.  The girls and I leave the day before school closes (slackers – cutting school!) to visit V and to bring Amma back to NJ.  Looking at our summer calendar – like Calvin and Hobbes might put it – “the days are packed”.  With what, you ask?  Well.  Big plans this summer to:

  • Bike with N every morning for an hour, instead of lounging around on the couch sipping hot masala chai, chatting and watching the sun come up (not that there’s anything wrong with that)
  • Not wake up till lunch time (that would be just the girls.  And Amma, if she so chooses.  Not an option for worker bees N and me.)
  • Come home at lunchtime for a mid-day catch up with Amma and the munchkins (sounds v. similar to “Alvin and the chipmunks”, no?)
  • Take a mini-road trip to Boston or DC (in new car, woooohoooo!)
  • Host a fourth of July chaat party (yum!)
  • Host (and attend) potluck dinners with friends (you listening, ladies?!)
  • Make bag lunches with the kids for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen at least twice per month (have been woefully derelict so far this year)
  • Clutter-free the house (this one seriously scares me, and makes me want to lie down whenever I even think of it)
  • Walk every night after dinner for a half hour with Amma, and play outside with the munchkins
  • Set up a trampoline in the backyard (and get in on the action too!)
  • Get my replacement eye glasses (it’s been over three months since I lost them and have been inexcusably lazy to go order new ones)
  • Get some cool new sunglasses while I am at it 🙂
  • Go to the beach at least once every other weekend

And, most important:

  • Eat lots of ice cream 🙂 

How will your days be packed this summer?


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Sounds like you are all set. The kid’s school reopened yesterday, and I was more excited than V for first day of school !
    Enjoy summer !

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