Road mele car, car mele yaar?

After months of denial, N and I are finally in agreement that blue car “Bakoda” is on its last legs.  I mean, once the check engine light has been on for a while, you know that you are at the end of the road.  But this is not a bragalog about the (coming soon) new wheels.  I will write about it in a few weeks, if we ever get past buyer’s remorse.  This is the story of some of the other elite vaahanams that we owned in the past.

I bought my first car “Blueberry” (a Toyota Tercel) for a whopping $400, when I was a bright-eyed, bushy tailed, (single) grad student.  With no driver’s license yet.  That’s right.  I used Blueberry to practice parallel parking in empty parking lots, while Amma and Appa stood in place of the orange cones that I could never quite miss hitting (oh, the things that parents will do for their kids).  By the time I figured out parallel parking (after coughing up another $250 for driving school lessons) and got my license, Blueberry had gone sour.  I shed (actual) bitter tears and bid Blueberry goodbye.

I couldn’t stay distraught over Blueberry for long.  After all, I had my spanking new (hard earned) driver’s license, and I was getting married in four months.  Plus, who needs a car in GA during the winter, right?

Our next car was a Nissan Sentra “Tomato” (no prizes for guessing the color of this one). Had a smashing time with this car as newlyweds for a year and a half.  When, quite abruptly, one hot August afternoon, the car left to meet its maker (and you know I am not talking about the Nissan dealership here).  I was seriously distraught at this point.  Walked around for a week with such a long face that one vambu fellow grad schooler even enquired if things were alright with the marriage.  Never spoke to that chick again (yes, this was before all the zenning, so had no qualms about holding big time grudges back then).

N and I then had a looooong talk and decided (conveniently) that old cars were just not our thing.  Plus N had just gotten a fellowship award, which increased his monthly pay by a couple of hundred bucks.  Figured that was enough of a raise in our allowance, and splurged on a brand new silver colored Honda Civic “Slick”.  Buyer’s remorse (read intense fear) hit before we even signed on the dotted line and left the dealer’s lot that afternoon.  Our (already employed) friend, S, who very kindly accompanied us to the dealership in her spanking new Honda Civic, suggested that we should eat out to celebrate.  N and I (still in the middle of grad school with no light at the end of the tunnel – not even from an oncoming train) were deep in the throes of buyer’s remorse by this point. We thanked S for her help, declined to eat out (why spend more money that you don’t have!), drove home in silence taking in the delightful new car smell with mixed feelings, and celebrated by eating (free) left-over upma (of questionable quality) at home.

Blue car Acura 3.2 TL “Bakoda” (current troublesome truck) was ushered in with a flourish two years later when we both had super duper jobs lined up and were moving to NJ. Buyer’s remorse was nowhere on our radar.  We strutted into the dealership on a balmy May morning, slid into the car, and drove off like cool cats (after handing over a hefty check, of course).

Fast forward 12 years to today:

  • Slick was sold (in 2006) because I got a ticket (my only ticket ever!) for speeding in a school zone (ironically to get my three and a half year old munchkin to school), and our insurance costs went waaaay up.  Plus, little A was a month old at that point, and we had just bought an SUV.  That SUV remains unnamed to-date.  After arguing extensively over what to name two kids, N and I finally got past the point of naming cars.
  • You know the story about Bakoda.  Baby is on its way out.
  • The SUV is still well and kicking (thank goodness!).  But we have two people that need to get to separate work places.  Hence, the shopping around for new wheels.

My favorite car so far?  Blueberry, of course.  Hard to forget your first love. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wheels

  1. Remember all your cars – esp. Blueberry and Tomato! I still feel partly responsible for giving you some advice on buying those lovable “junks” :-(. Glad to hear you still loved those cars.

    • Ravi – Well. You also spent a looooot of time teaching us to drive. For which we remain ever grateful. 🙂 And for the numerous rides all over ATL. You are very well-redeemed indeed!!

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