This is Week 3 of solo parenting for me with N away at a conference in New Hampshire on the tails of his India trip.  I am in absolute awe of single parents and families with one spouse that travels a lot for work.  Really don’t understand how people do this all the time.  While the chickis have been good for me (well, for the most part), I find myself on pins and needles.  A LOT.  Stressing out over every little thing.  This after all the zenning.  Where I have come out with this experience is that I need some serious strategies for how I react (or over-react) to situations that happen when I am on my own watch.  Planning to check out meditation classes that are being held at the local Chinmaya mission on Saturdays at 6:30 am.  Hmmmm…. sounds a bit intense when put like that, no?  Well.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve told you before that I lose weight when I am stressed out.  The self-inflicted stress of the past couple of weeks has greatly helped burn off the numerous Creme Brulees and Ile Flottantes recklessly consumed during the last vacation.  One more week of this should actually put me ahead of my weight loss goals for the year.  So, all’s well that ends well.

Summer is, hands down, the best season of the year.  The munchkins and I went strawberry picking yesterday and had a blast!  Berries were delicious and the green bushes looked soooo pretty and all dressed up with the bright red berries.  Plus, how awesome is to be out on farms in toasty weather without sneezing and wheezing.  Think allergy season this year is past me now (woooohoooo!).  Or at least, that’s the hope (fingers crossed).  Looking forward to going back to the farm next weekend to pick cherries and peas.

We are off to Chincoteague, VA later this month for a mini-break.  Seems to be a pretty cool place with promises of wild ponies running around on beautiful beaches.  And it’s less than a four hour drive for us – practically the same as DC!  Never heard of this place before in all our time in NJ, so I am quite looking forward to checking it out. 🙂  

Happy Monday!


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