Ath Shri Mahabharath Katha

Little A has big time taken to reading Amar Chitra Kathas these days.  Since we are hearing about Gods and Goddesses in full glory in dance class, it’s a great thing that little A is enjoying learning more about Hindu mythology.  For our bedtime reading today, I picked “The Pandava Princes”.  A book that – when I was little – I spent sooooo many hours reading and re-reading, and stared at pictures with such intensity that the characters actually started to resemble favorite uncles.

For both the chikis, one of the most striking things about the story is the marriage of Draupadi to five brothers (high sensationalism factor).  A woman with five husbands, imagine that!  After tucking in little A amidst lively discussions on why it’s really better for five men to be married to five women, I went to little N’s room to tuck her in.  She enquired if it wasn’t more the norm that kings used to have several wives but not the other way around.  I confirmed that that indeed used to be the case, and that Draupadi seems to have been the sole exception, to my knowledge.  I went on to dramatically note that sometimes these kings had hundreds of wives, and some of these wives only saw their husbands once a year, if that.  “Imagine the plight of those women, ugh!”, I exclaimed in mock horror.

Little N considered this briefly.  “It’s not so bad, Mommy”, she countered.  “If I were one of a 100 or so queens, the only thing I wouldn’t want to be is the Chief Queen.  That’s the one with all the responsibilities of the state.  If I were one of the other queens, I would just chill out and enjoy my royal life, and have a good time being friends with the other women.  Also, I don’t think I would want to interact with the king at all.  Even once a year.  Boys are just soooo annoying.”  She then went on – “You know what would be much worse?  Being one of only two queens, and the other queen being the favorite one.  Things would be so much tougher then, Mommy.”.

Hmmmm…. wise beyond her years, this chick, I say. 😉


4 thoughts on “Ath Shri Mahabharath Katha

  1. Ah ! The kid knows alright !
    I had a tough time explaining why polygamy was more common than polyandry…and why polygamy is still allowed in some countries.

    • Well. Draupadi might be a myth but the concept of kings with multiple queens is certainly not. For all the lovely picturization of the movie, Jodha Akbar’s romantic marriage cannot have been all that – given the presence of numerous other queens in Akbar’s harem.

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