You know you are made in the shade of an olive tree when:

Your 10 year old says “Mommy, how about some cinnamon buns for tea today?” and you agree enthusiastically, fully confident (and correctly so) that the girl is actually asking for permission to make some cinnamon buns for your tea time.

Mmmmm…. despite N’s absence, long weekend is off to a good start, indeed. 🙂

Some pictures below of cinnabons made (from scratch) by the 10 year old and minibons made by the 7 year old – ready to be baked.

Cinnabons Minibons


7 thoughts on “Cinnabons

  1. Hi Kavi, They are looking sooooooo…..Yummy.Iam eagerly waiting to taste this kind of snacks.Good job Pinks& Bubblee Chellams.My hugs&lots of kisses to you both&Mommy -Raji patti

  2. Post pictures of the after-oven stage (assuming, they weren’t all gobbled up in a minute!). I will vicariously enjoy some cinnabons…

    • D – The intent was there to post before and after baking pictures. BUT, Neha had also prepared a (limited quantity of) yummy glaze to pour on top of the baked buns. So, it was each to her own the minute the buns came out of the oven. “After” pics never even crossed my mind till waaaay later. 😉

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