Neela nayanangalil oru neenda kanavu vandhadhu

N left for India this morning to attend his nephew’s poonal.  Woke up with a start this morning (an hour after the alarm rang), disoriented after a strange dream.  Read on…

The girls and I are alone on the roof of a high rise, which seems to have at least a 100 floors.  Where is N, you ask?  In India, remember?  I got that part right in the dream too.

The roof is completely piled up with books with no room to walk around (sort of like our family room).  I, trying not to step on the books (Saraswathi!), get farther and farther from the girls, who are meanwhile getting precariously close to the edge.  To my shock, little A suddenly jumps off the roof!  My heart almost stops (che, wonder why I didn’t wake up at this point).  Before I can process what happened and move to the edge of the roof myself, little N also jumps off.  Ironically, at this, I relax.  If little N is doing it, it’s got to be ok, I assure myself (hmmmm…. so much confidence in my girl!!).  I peek over the roof’s edge and realize that while little A jumped off on her own, little N jumped off with a pretty yellow parachute, so while she is covered, little A is not.  Again, heart-in-mouth.  Want to ask little N to watch out for little A, then remind myself that she is only 10 (not to mention half way down on a parachute), so I have to figure out this s&^% on my own.

I look over the edge ready to jump down myself to get to little A.  I see a beautiful beach with clear blue-green waters and powdery white sands.  Miami Beach, I tell myself, even in that crazy situation (wonder why we didn’t just go and chill on the beach, and had to climb 100 floors instead).  I see that my spunky little A has landed safely (!) in the ocean, and is swimming with powerful strokes to get to the shore (Level 3 in swimming class-na chummava!).  I feel momentarily relieved.  And then start panicking again about how my baby will ever find me once she gets to the shore in crowded Miami.  Again, I contemplate jumping off the roof.  While my mind is moving like molasses and I am still trying to figure out what to do, I feel a tap on my back.

I turn around to find both my chickis standing there.  Little N apparently reached the ground beautifully – parachute and all.  Little A reached the shore, showered off the salty water, got dressed and ready for her Bharatnatyam performance (now, that’s dreaming!!).  And both came back to the roof to find me.

Hmmmm…. a little anxiety at parenting the chickis on my own watch over the next week? Me?  Anyway, N should be back soon.  It’s already been a whole hour since his flight took off. 😉


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