Took an hour this morning to volunteer at Field Day in little A’s school.  Was such a delight to see the kids’ excited faces and to listen to their incessant chatter.  For one of the activities, all the kids in little A’s class queued up in two lines.  The first kid in each line had to quickly grab a pail of water, run with it to the end of the field, empty the pail there, run all the way back, and hand the empty pail to the next kid in line to fill.  The next kid then repeats the drill and so forth, till everyone in line finishes their turn.  Loudly cheered my munchkin when it was her turn to run with the pail, and was thrilled when her team won by a big margin (yes, quite aware that vicarious living is going on).

Waited for two things to happen: (1) for my munchkin to glance my way so we could share in that moment of victory; and (2) for her team to break out into war whoops and do victory jigs around the field to celebrate.

Neither of which happened.

Little A and the kids on her team merely continued to stand in place and cheer the kid on the other team who was trying hard to finish the race.

Man, was I blown away (and humbled)!  That smile from my munchkin – when it finally did come my way after both teams finished the race – could not have been sweeter.


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