Reverse Parenting

Reverse parenting has been going on in this household for almost as long as parenting. Some gems from our munchkins:

  • Mommy, you should eat your fruit cup before dessert (little N at age 3, watching me reach for a bucket of gulab jamuns after a big lunch buffet)
  • Really mommy, soooo much sugar in your coffee? (little A at a restaurant a few weeks back, hiding sugar packets so I couldn’t get to them)
  • Both hands on the steering wheel, please (last week, while I was driving little N to violin practice and reaching for something in the car)
  • Mommy, are you aware that you have milk boiling on the stove? (when I was lying on the couch (post-prandial quickie nap) while also making slow-cooking dessert)
  • Daddy, please put some clothes on (when poor N dares to briefly take off his t-shirt in his own house)

Can somebody please tell these girls who the parents are?


2 thoughts on “Reverse Parenting

  1. It’s too bad you can’t record the 3rd one, then play it back when little N starts to drive.

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